Redefiners’ Book Clubs/Hubs

Through our book clubs/hubs, we encourage the reading culture, which is fast declining in our society, in our young ones and provide an environment through which they learn basic life skills; and are free to express themselves as they learn. Our goal is to ensure they are intellectually and emotionally fit to stand as leaders of tomorrow.

We review fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, real life experiences and aspects of the arts for learning, engaging every member in the process.

We also take advantage of World Book Day celebration to reach out and encourage the reading culture in children not in our registered clubs – schools et’ al. .

Partnership relationships are also already fostered or being strengthened for the following:

  • - Create book clubs and establish libraries in schools
  • - Organize other activities that will encourage positivity in young people e.g. cooking competitions, writing challenges
  • - Etcetera